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Terms and Conditions of Guaranteed Booking 

Valid until December 30, 2014
Except for 14 to September 21, 2014 and December 24, 2014

Possibly you will be contact for additional information as a requirement for your booking.
CHECK IN: 13:00PM - CHECK OUT: 11:00 AM.
1. At the moment of subscribe the Service of Guarantee booking form, you have the following rights and
1.1 To do use of the booking.
1.2 In case of cancel the booking, you should inform to the hotel via fax or E-mail the following
information: Name, ID number or Passport number. Telephone number, fax and/or E-mail. -Check In
date and booking number.
The hotel it is going to give you a cancellation number.
The cancellation will only be valid if it is done 48 hours before the check in time (13:00, local time).
And only it will have validity, when you receive the code of cancellation. Otherwise your credit card
will be charged with reservation made.SERVICE OF GUARANTEED BOOKING
Valid until 30th December 2013
Except from 14th to 21st of September and 24th December of 2013
1.3 I´m informed and accept to pay this reserve I have done at the moment of my arrival to the Hotel.
1.4 The reservation price in dollars is subject to the daily changes that our rate of change experiences.

2.When the booking has been accepted, the hotel has the following obligation with the passenger:
2.1 To reserve the room until 11:00 hours (local time) of the following day of the booking date.
2.2 If the hotel doesn’t have an available room, it should provide to the passenger:
a. Abooking in another hotel of the same category of one night. This will not be charge.
b. Free transport to the new location.
c. One local or long distance telephone call for 3 minutes.
d. Funds all the messages into the new location.
2.3 Accept the booking cancel according with the instructions. (1.2)
In case that you haven’t cancel the booking according with the instructions (1.2), or you don’t arrive the
Day after or your booking date on the check time, the hotel it will charge in to your credit card the value
of one night accommodation. In the place of the signature of the passenger we will write “no show”.
4. In case of any problem for a “No Show”, charge the hotel will provide to Transbank all documentation
of the service of guarantee service within a week. I authorize payment for those charges accrued during
my stay which have not yet been paid.
PASSENGER.Sending to us this guaranteed form with the asked dates; we will send you the reservation
number. In case if you don’t receive an answer, please call us or send us a mail to confirm the reservation.
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