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What to do in Valparaiso?

What a folly you are,
What a crazy

Crazy harbor…” Ode to Valparaíso, Pablo Neruda

Discover Valparaíso through its streets, stairs and funiculars, which take you up to the hills. Be astonished with the particular shape of the city, its architecture and the marvelous views of Valparaiso from its lookouts.
Below we have chosen for you some of the most typical places of Valparaiso, world heritage site.

Concepcion Hill and Alegre Hill

These 2 hills are characteristic of Valparaiso, they stand out for its English architecture from XIX century, you can access to them taking the typical funiculars which have been working since mid XIX century when they were built to connect and shorten the times between the hills and downtown of Valparaiso. To access Alegre Hill you can take “El Peral” funicular and to access Concepcion Hill you can do it through “Concepción” and “Queen Victoria” funiculars. These funiculars take you right up to one of the most important viewpoints in the city, such as Paseo Yugoslavo and Paseo Gervasoni, while Paseo Atkinson is located a few blocks from the last one

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From these viewpoints you will be able to see beautiful panoramics of Valparaíso. Both, Concepción Hill and Alegre Hill have a wide and diverse range of cuisine which can be enjoyed during your stay. Mazes that intersect and travel.
Check out the map that we have created for you with typical places, restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs that give daily life to Valparaiso.

La Sebastiana

  • La Sebastiana

Located in Florida Hill, is one of the tree houses of the poet and Nobel Price Pablo Neruda, just as his other houses, it was turned into a museum and it´s possible to see the large number of objects that the poet collected during his life. You can also see an incredible view of Valparaiso, certainly a place of inspiration and you cannot miss.
Address: Ricardo de Ferrari 692, Cerro Florida, Valparaíso
Phone: +56 (32) 225 6606

Mini Trolley

If you want to go around Valparaiso and recommend the company Mini Trolley.

Mini Trolley
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Download the tourist map we created for you: