Isla Negra

[justify] Known as one of the residences of the poet Pablo Neruda, it is located 80 km south of Valparaíso. In it it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, and of the great collection of objects that the Nobel Prize for Literature possessed. [/justify]


[justify] Olmué, synonymous with the countryside, Chilean traditions and mountainous landscapes. Only 60 kms. from Viña del Mar and very close to Santiago through the La Dormida slope, Olmué offers us the best of the countryside, close to the big cities. With a privileged climate recognized around the world, it is the undisputed center in the V Region of Valparaíso for its typical Chilean high gastronomy, with an enormous variety of restaurants, hosterías and picadas. [/justify]


[justify] If you are a wine lover, you can not miss the vineyards located in the central valley near Valparaíso. [/justify]